Friday, December 15, 2006

Guide to E-learning

I have been reading Dr. Allens books

Michael Allen's Guide to E-learning


Creating Successful E-learning

and have some commentary for my readers:

-- Successive Approximation/Iterative Design - I completely agree that when it comes to development of elearning this is a great approach and has huge advantages over the waterfall type method the ADDIE is built for. However, I feel that in our culture clients are confused by more then 1 or 2 iterations of the same as well as the scope creep that this method implies.

-- Savvy Start - Again, I completely agree that this method of design is proffered to get it right, right from the start. The caveat here is that it does not really work well in our fast paced culture. Most of my clients would not take 3 days away from their initiatives to work on scoping for training. As well as foot the bill to meet with consultants on expensive analysis and prototyping. Don't get me wrong I think that this is a great idea and Dr. Allen has obviously had success, but he needs to work on a Savvy start that fits with the current culture of distributed teamwork and the online tools that teams use to make progress.