Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Analogies make it interesting and engaging for us all.

Best analogies of 2007 so far:

"Let's do a Deep Dive on the content." -- author unknown

"The ARG starts with a Rabbit-Hole, the engagement that starts the learning." -- Rowan J0b- Julien

"Informal learning is like a Japanese Garden, to the casual observer it seems to be a natural phenomenon, to the gardener it is meticulously planned." -- Heidi Fisk

"The difference between a Spelling Bee and Scrabble is that one is about rules and recitation and the other is about learning and engagement with a group" -- Henry Jenkins

"Develop a Learnscape or Learning Ecosystem." -- Jay Cross

"Don't tell the offshore elearning vendor to "Keep their eye on the ball" because they will do exactly that." -- Doug Stephens

Will keep you posted.