Monday, December 08, 2008

Storyboard for Elearning ( Self Paced , WBT , CBT )

This post is in direct response to you. I have noticed that many learning designers are looking for a storyboard template for wbt, elearning or other self paced training. To be honest I have used quite a variety in the last 15 years. Everything from word table, xcel sheets, online systems to .ppt.

Regardless of the format the same basic fields find there way into all storyboards I have used:

Visual: What visual, text and/or interaction should appear. Describe how it should look and how the participants interact with it. What should a programmer or graphic designer know about a graphic

Narration: What should the narrator read or if it is a dialogue what should they say. If there is a running animation what should change when?

Comments: A place for reviewers to leave anotation about the proposed text and graphics.

For a branching simulation there may be direction as where to go next in the document.

I prompt you to use the simplest and most comfortable way of generating a storyboard as possible. Below are a few ideas:
  • Use a simple word template such as the following: I put this template together for you to edit and customize as you need to.
  • Use powerpoint or even less expensive Google Documents Put the visual in the slide and the narration in the notes.
  • Some tools like Nexlearn Simwriter or Toolbook help generate a script for you.

Regardless the tool, I put an emphasis on simple for you to write and simple for those who need to review.