Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Simulation Authoring and Design

Over the past week it has come to my attention that very little material that suggest how to author or write a simulation for training.

Essentially a social simulation is an interactive story. Facade was authored with the concepts of AI and "beat points". The questions to me are what and how do we learn from Facade?

- Analysis - Through listening to the dialogue analyze the situation.

- Perecption - Use visual perecption to discover meaningful of objects in the room.

- Response to Phenomena - Repond to conversation.

- Internalizing/Understanding Values - Understand the motives of Trip and Grace.

- Adaptation - Adapt the play of the game to negotiate a successful ending.

I have also been thinking about George Polti's 36 dramatic situations and how if at all this may apply to training and learning. How does this correlate with Blooms Taxonomy? What if Bloom and Polti were to have a discussion -- now there is a sim for you.

Where I am driving is that the taxonomy of learning behaviors can create dramatic situations that are appropriate for training learning simulations.

Stay tuned for examples...

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